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Brenda Zappitell is contemporary abstract painter whose work is driven by an instinctive and spontaneous approach. When confronted with a blank canvas, she taps into her memories and intuitive impulses, yet stays firmly grounded in the present moment. Her process involves rapid brushstrokes and dynamic movements, allowing each gesture to shape the next. The layers she creates are filled with energy, evolving organically as she surrenders control to the paint. She works on a subconscious level, letting primal instincts guide her. Zappitell's approach is rooted in Abstract Expressionism, drawing inspiration from artists like Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning, who valued emotion and action over rigid ideas.

Her mark-making, though seemingly serendipitous, is influenced by vivid visual impressions. She aims to create artwork that evokes a sense of expansion, as if her vision extends beyond the canvas into an entire universe. As she paints, her work takes on its own life, reflecting the inner landscapes of her mind. The glimpses she offers through her art invite viewers to connect with this energy, discovering their own interpretations within the rich layers of her paintings.

Zappitell's work can be found in numerous collections worldwide. Originally from South Florida, Zappitell currently lives and works in Encinitas, CA. 

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