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Artist Statement

My work flows directly from a deep well of intuitions and impulses. Standing in front of a blank substrate challenges me to draw on my memories while remaining in the present moment. While moving back and forth—letting each brushstroke take me where it needs to—I paint rapidly, racing to make the ephemeral tangible.


I begin without expectations and work on a subconscious level that disregards logic. Guided by a primal inner voice, I surrender control to the paint and the process itself. The layers of each painting remain as evidence of my energies, each one a kind of impression that helps me move towards substance. Although I’m drawn towards beauty, I know that it needs to exist in equilibrium with imperfection, and my process is always open to the discovery of these counterbalancing forces.  


Inspired by the traditions and methods Abstract Expressionism, I feel a strong affinity for artists such as Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning, whose work also emphasizes action and emotion over ideas. Like these artists, I strive to capture fleeting images in an improvisational “alla prima” style.”


I look everywhere to find my imagery and am entranced by nature, in particular the sky. My mark-making, though serendipitous, emanates from these many visual impressions. I want the viewer to believe that my vision expands beyond the work itself to a universe I have created. When my work takes off, it seems to have a life of its own: an inner life that reflects something of my inner life. These fleeting “glimpses” are what I offer to those who encounter my paintings, and who are drawn to their multiplying energies.

Born in 1964 in South Florida.


BSW 1986 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

JD 1990 University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, FL



2008 Painting Workshop, Taos, NM

2006-2009 Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM

1991-2002 The Boca Raton Museum of Art School, Boca Raton, FL

1991 Life Drawing and Painting Workshop, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico



2017 Weinberger Fine Art, Habitual Observations, Brenda Zappitell and Madeline Gallucci, Kansas City, MO 

2015 Boca Raton Museum Of Art, Brenda Hope Zappitell:A Journey Of Gestures, Boca Raton, FL.

2013 Fresh Paint Art Gallery, Juxtaposed Gestures, Lisa Bartelson and Brenda Zappitell, Cullver City, CA

2013 Gallery Orange, New Orleans, LA

2013 Exhibit By Aberson, Brandon Reese and Brenda Hope Zappitell, Tulsa, OK

2012 Darnell Fine Art, Brenda Hope Zappitell, A Chronicle of Gratitude, Santa Fe, NM

2011-12 Rosenbaum Contemporary, Brenda Hope Zappitell: An Exhibition of Paintings, Boca Raton, FL

2011 Darnell Fine Art, Brenda Hope Zappitell & Rudy Gonzales, Santa Fe, NM

2010 Darnell Fine Art, Fragments, Claire McArdle & Brenda Hope Zappitell, Santa Fe, NM



2021 Cornell Art Museum, See Art. Be Happy, Delray Beach, FL

2019 Galerie Pici, Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA(Upcoming)

2019 Cultural Council of Palm Beach, Modern Love, Lake Worth, FL

2019 Whitewall Contemporary, WATER, Delray Beach, FL

2019 Galerie Pici, Art On Paper, New York, NY

2018 Manneken Press, Expo Chicago, Chicago, IL

2018 Whitewall Contemporary, Context Art Miami, Miami, FL

2018 Galerie Pici, Scope Art Show, Miami Beach ,FL

2018 Whitewall Contemporary, FLOWERS, Delray Beach, FL

2018 Slate Contemporary, Spring Collection, Oakland, CA

2018 Whitewall Contemporary, W H I T E, Jane Manus, Chris Wood, Meredith Pardue, Kx2 and Brenda Zappitell, Delray beach, FL

2017 Whitewall Contemporary, Scope Art Show, Miami Beach, FL. 

2017 Cornell Art Museum, Looking Back,  Delray Beach, FL 

2017 Guthrie Contemporary, Art For Arts Sake, New Orleans, LA 

2017 Manneken Press, Cleveland Fine Print Fair at Cleveland Art Museum, Cleveland, Ohio. 

2017 Turner Carroll Gallery, Women, Children and Immigrants, Santa Fe, N

2017 Manneken Press, Wakeley Gallery at Illinois Wesleyan University, Recent Prints and Projects from Manneken Press, Bloomington, IL

2016-17 Page Bond Gallery, Art, Richmond, VA

2016-17 Weinberger Fine Art, Winter Collective, Kansas City, MO

2016 Slate Contemporary, Summer Selections Group Exhibition, Oakland, CA

2016 Exhibit By Aberson, Trifecta, Jen Pack, Ken Tate and Brenda Zappitell, Tulsa, OK

2015 Cornell Art Museum, Exxpectations, co-curated by Brenda Zappitell and Melanie Johanson, Delray Beach, FL

2015 Slate Contemporary, Liminal Spaces, Oakland, CA

2015 RC2 Gallery, Artistas Del Sol, Boca Raton, FL

2014 J Go Gallery, Massively Small, Park City, UT

2014 Fresh Paint Art Gallery, Summer Solstice, Culver City, CA

2014 Chase Edwards Gallery, Spring Awakenings, Bridgehamton, NY

2014 Littlejohn Contemporary, Group Show, New York, NY

2014 Art Palm Beach 2014, represented by Rosenbaum Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL

2013-14 Turner Carroll Gallery, Idle Hands, Santa Fe, NM

2012 Page Bond Gallery, HAZE: A Summer Group Exhibition, Richmond, VA

2012 Exhibit by Aberson's, White, group exhibition, Tulsa, OK

2012 Art Palm Beach  represented by Rosenbaum Contemporary
2011 Los Angeles Art Show, represented by Rosenbaum Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL.

2010 Rosenbaum Contemporary, Season Preview, Boca Raton, FL

2009 Artprize, Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI

2009 Center For Contemporary Arts, 8th Annual Collect: Inside 8, Santa Fe, NM

2009 The Taos Gallery , International Group Juried Exhibition, Taos, NM

2009 The San Diego Art Institute, The Museum of The Living Artist, 50th International Award Exhibition, San Diego, CA, Juror: Julia Marciari Alexander

2008 Center for Contemporary Arts, 7th Annual Collect: Inside 8, Santa Fe, NM

2002 Cornell Museum, Inspirations 2002, Delray Beach, FL

2002 The Boca Raton Museum of Art, 16th Annual Art Festival, Boca Raton, FL

2001 The Boca Raton Museum of Art, 15th Annual Art Festival, Boca Raton, FL

2000 The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist Guild Biennial Exhibition, Boca Raton, FL

1999 The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Images, Artist Guild Gallery Exhibition, Boca Raton, FL


2017 Monotype Series, Manneken Press, Residency, Bloomington, Illinois

2016 New American Paintings, No. 124, Southern Issue

2015 Resident Magazine, Art/Life Introspective, Inside The Work and World of Artist Brenda Zappitell, June Issue

2013 Professional Artist Magazine, A Sense Of Place, Five Abstract Artists Reveal How Environment Influence Their Work, written by Brenda Hope ZappitellApril/May Issue.

2012 Professional Artist Magazine, Balancing a Family Life and A Creative Life, written by Brenda Hope Zappitell, Dec/Jan 2013 Issue

2012 Professional Artist Magazine, Inside The Artist’s Studio: Six Professionals Share Their Studio Spaces,

Part 1 & 2 with Alex Couwenberg, Alyssa Monks, Robert Kingston, Johnnie Winona Ross, & Laura Schiff Bean written by Brenda Hope Zappitell, Sept. & Oct. Issue

2012  Dave Bown Projects, Unrestricted Monetary Award to Visual Artists, 4th Semiannual Competition

2012 Art New Orleans Magazine, Brenda Hope Zappitell's Work, Modern Abstract Expressionism As It Evolves And Flourishes, Summer Issue

2012 Professional Artist Magazine, Prelude To A Solo Show: How Three Top Artists Prepare, with Erin Cone & Jamie Kirkland, June Issue

2012 Artwork Featured in Coastal Living Magazine

2012 "Artist of The Month" for

2011 Finalist in The Artist Magazine 28th Annual Art Competition 

2011 Studio Visit, The Open Studios Press, Beth Venn, Juror

2010, First, Second , Third & Fifth Showcase, Showcase Winner

2010 International Contemporary Masters

2009, November, Featured Artist

2009, September, Showcase Winner

2009 The Taos Gallery, International Group Juried Exhibition, People's Choice Award



Boca Raton Museum Of Art, Boca Raton, FL

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

University Of North Texas, Business Leadership Building, Denton, Texas

St. Regis Hotel,  NYC, NY

Hard Rock Hotel, Tampa, FL

DoubleLine Capitol, Los Angeles, CA


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