Building An Abstract Series

Why do successful artists work in a series?

Learn the benefits of creating a series in a hands-on intensive workshop. Participants create their own abstract series by learning how to paint three or more paintings a day.  We will use acrylic paint and "loosening up" exercises to liberate intuitive creativity. Workshop also includes discussion of color theory, composition and suggestions for creating your own "painting process." There will be daily meditation and demonstrations in the workshops.


This workshop will be in the Fieldhouse at Old School Square with special work areas for each participant that will enable them to have the ability to work large, small, in between or all of the above!

Your own studio space! 


2019 Workshop at OSS date to be determined

Friday - Monday, 9:30am - 4:30pm


Fee: $900 for the 4 days


Old School Square, Delray Beach, FL 


Comments By Participants


It was a privilege to be a part of your series workshop last weekend —your breadth of knowledge and generosity on all topics (including those even marginally related to painting) was laudable and refreshing— thanks for everything!!!

Not only did I learn (amongst others…) 1. Attachment messes with everything (key) 2. Pat yourself on the back 24/7 3. The best stuff I’ve done often comes from the worst 4. Challenge self/ test limits.. but that —white is my friend—who knew?

It still feels strange working in color after a lifetime in black and white but after black and white photography and graphite drawing but after that Zappitell weekend I’m feeling prepared and working. 

Thanks again for everything! (including Deepak Chopra)



Claudia Goldstein   Atlantis, FL   Workshop 2018


I went to Brenda's workshop in a creative slump, thoroughly bored with my paintings, determined to find a new direction for my abstract series.  Brenda helped me achieve this goal and more.  Her suggestions for composition and technique, her encouragement, enthusiasm,  and  generously lending me her large brushes paved the way for a major breakthrough.  I am indebted to her and look forward to another workshop with her next summer.


Julie Schumer          Santa Fe, NM



I woke up this morning thinking about what a great time I had over the past 3 days and want to say a huge Thank You to you for introducing me to Abstract painting and, more importantly, helping me overcome my "fears" about it! Staring at that blank canvas with no real image in mind to work from was pretty intimidating but by the time I got to the end of the weekend, I felt as though I would like to start another! I learned so much from you and am very excited now to continue with this medium (acrylics) which I haven't had previous experience with and definitely tackle another abstract piece.

Your bubbly and infectious enthusiasm for teaching and sharing is both refreshing and enlightening and I look forward to doing another workshop with you in the not too distant future.

Valerie Melman      Toronto, CA


To anyone contemplating taking the "Building an Abstract Series" -- this is not just about learning how to work on multiple paintings at one time (even though that alone would have been worth the price of admission). Brenda has an uncanny way of unfettering any creative stagnation and coaxing out your own individual artistic progression. I feel confident in saying all of us at the Santa Fe workshop fed off the positive energy of the experience and walked away not only feeling our work had advanced, but envisioning new directions for our art.

Conn Ryder          Denver, CO


Brenda is the best teacher I have had in a long time. She is encouraging

and patient. My painting has really taken off since a workshop with her. I can't

wait to take another soon.

Katie Pasquini Masopust    Santa Fe, NM



It was such a pleasure to meet you in person.  I could tell from your emails that you're a nice and friendly person, but wasn't expecting your terrific exuberance and enthusiasm... what amazing fun to be in your workshop!!


The workshop was a remarkable experience for me.  I went into it for tips about quickly producing a series of work and also to return to the more expressive way that I've painted in the past.  I feel that I accomplished all of that and so much more.  You are an incredibly gifted instructor and so generous with all of your knowledge... not just about painting, but career advice, also.  I really believe that the workshop will have a lasting impact on my painting career and I'm excited to see where I go from here!   Thank you so much for everything!!!

Anna Keller      Santa Fe, NM

"Brenda is a very enthusiastic, spontaneous and committed artist.
I had a workshop with her and the experience was thoroughly positive.
She advised and encouraged me toward an inner and intuitive process
for painting. I would definitely recommend her workshops to any person
who feels the real need to go further and truly paint."


Monica Lelli   Rome, Italy


Hey Brenda, just wanted to say how much I appreciated your workshop.  It kinda felt like yoga for the brain!....I've been exploring the whole abstract thing more seriously the past several months without ever really getting my footing.   After the last three days I do equate it with my attempts at yoga.  I've tried to learn new postures from a book... but unless I attend a class with a qualified instructor who can help me stretch into what I've perceived to be seemingly impossible positions, I tend to flail around alot.   Thanks for helping me find some balance.

Cindy Sherman   Toronto, Canada

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